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Live life to the fullest

- with and without the dog

In dogs, you can find both phobia-like strong fear of being alone, i.e. separation anxiety, and other well-being and training-related problems. Common to all problems is their negative effect not only on the dog but also on the people closest to it. As the challenges continue, the dog's family can experience both financial and health harm, and human relationships can also suffer. Separation anxiety training brings significant relief to the dog family's life. Modern separation anxiety training is effective, but requires long-term work. With modern training techniques, dog's predictions of recovery are excellent. ​ 


Solving separation anxiety is best done as a remote training, because in a natural situation only the dog and its owner are included. In a high quality training process, you meet the trainer remotely either every week or two, depending on the service plan you choose. Exercises are usually done 5 days a week. Due to the high demand, there is usually a waitlist for separation anxiety training. Inquire about the current situation using the contact form or by email and feel free to ask any questions to find the best training solution for you.

Training expertise specialized in the treatment of separation anxiety

- with globally recommended, researched and most effective methods.

Work remotely with specialised trainer
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"If diagnosed and treated correctly, the prognosis for a dog with separation anxiety is excellent"

Voith & Borchelt, 1985


The situation of each dog family is unique, and therefore the service must adapt to each need. You can participate in separation anxiety training either with a more intensive approach, with a basic training training package or with individual, more flexible single meetings. In the intensive training used by trainers specializing in the treatment of separation anxiety, you work in interaction with the trainer every day in your training diary, and each week you meet with a Zoom meeting to determine your dog's skill level. Within the framework of the basic training package, you meet with the trainer every two weeks, working according to the pre-planned training plan. In the long term, the pricing of all forms of training will level out, as the start-up options for training that require more financial investment are also the most effective. ​ You can find the best training option for you and your dog by talking directly with the trainer. by e-mailing or using the contact form. ​

The goal is to enable a suitable training solution for everyone. For this reason, we also have all Paytrail payment options with payment arrangement options. If private training is not realistic for you right now, check out the website Digital Dogsitter for free training instructions and a low cost dog monitoring app.


Single meeting 1 hour


Basic training package

4 weeks 375,00€

Initial assessment 2 hours


Intensive training package

4 weeks 730,00€


Inquire about the waitlist and discuss about the training opportunities.

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Does it feel like you'll be stuck with your dog forever?

With separation anxiety dog, for sure it does!

Feelings are all great guidelines to understand our needs. We'll take them as information and keep working towards our goals. Every single week I work with 20-40 separation anxiety families (including group classes), who are all making great progress in their own individual way. The magic is to work hard, accept all feelings and understand that success is the sum of small efforts repeated every day! Every exit is an entry to live your life to the fullest - with AND without the dog.

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