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With dog-oriented, ethical

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Jenny Jalonen

Specialist vocational studies of animal training 

LLA certification, behavior analysis

Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, CSAT

Digital Dogsitter's separation anxiety specialist

I am a versatile expert in problem behavior in dogs. My specialization focuses on separation anxiety and problem solving in dogs behavior. At heart, I am not only a theoretical behavioral enthusiast, but also a practical person. I think that a theory is at its best only when it is smoothly harnessed for use. I am passionate about my work and am especially excited about the processes of behavior change. The most important core of my work experience and my field of expertise is the various problem behaviors of dogs and their resolution. My strengths include finding out why an animal behaves the way it does, as well as planning and directing effective change plans. ​ I started training after a hobby foundation in 2006. Since then, I have studied animal training in a variety of ways, both with theoretical studies and by keeping my hands busy in practical work. In addition to customer work, I work e.g. in the teaching work of animal trainers, and as a separation anxiety specialist for Digital Dogister. ​ The most important teachers in my work have been the thousands of dog families I've met with various problems. I work to increase the well-being between dogs and people. I strive to increase people's awareness of training methods based on scientific studies and to reduce the use of methods related to pressurizing and punishing the dog. All behavior modification is possible with means that promote the animal's well-being.

Training services

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Expertise in the treatment of separation anxiety. ​ When the dog's time alone does not go well, the entire dog's family becomes burdened. Solving separation anxiety is fortunately possible! Modern separation anxiety training is effective remote working in close cooperation with the trainer. ​

Dogs behavior problems are made to be solved!


Aggressiveness, leash trouble and handling problems are common training topics at problem solving meetings. ​ Depending on the dog and the situation, the training can be carried out either remotely, in the dog's home environment or e.g. in public park areas.

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