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Behavior problems

Private problem behavior consulting

in the dog's home environment

Problem behavior is a challenge for the dog's owners and the environment, which is most likely the result of the individual dog's attempts to adapt to its environment. Problem solving requires both training and well-being-oriented perspective in order to achieve long-term results. Problematic behavior is usually long-term, which can make it difficult for the owner to understand where and why the behavior started. The most common problem behaviors are leash trouble, various barking problems and different forms of aggression. 


In modern animal training there is no need for physical coercion, pressurizing the dog or stress-causing methods. The pillars of ethical training work that supports the dog's well-being are the theory of behavioral science and practical mechanical training skills. Training problem behavior requires dog owners to commit to almost daily, long-term training. At the meetings, the trainer consults on the implementation of future training exercises, after which the owners continue to do the exercises independently until the next training meeting. ​ Trainings are carried out both as home meetings and remote working, depending on case-by-case needs.

Note that in addition to my problem behavior training education, I have significantly specialized in separation anxiety, which follows different pricing policies. Check out separation anxiety services right here!

Tampere area

Trainings are planned at 4 meeting training packages to achieve the best result. Ask for an single appointment  for special needs. Training packages can be paid in installments.

Training package at your home

4 x 1 hour, 460

Training package remote work

4 x 50 min, 395€

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